Our mechanics are seasoned detectives when it comes to figuring out what is wrong with a vehicle. Combining years of experience with superior diagnostic tools, we can pinpoint almost anything that might be amiss, and fix it.

A full-service auto repair shop, we are able to handle many repairs an all maintenance services required. From changing out radiators and replacing timing belts to scheduled tune-ups, our service technicians work quickly and efficiently.

Brakes, Tires & Suspension Repair

Providing diagnostics, installation and repair services, our technicians will keep your car safe and you secure while on the road. From the brake pads and rotors to the anti-lock brake sensors, our technicians will check over every part of the system to ensure you are able to stop when you need to stop.

Having the right tires and a proper alignment makes for a smoother and safer ride. We supply a wide range of tires and provide all the services necessary to ensure you get the most mileage out of them.

Customer Testimonials

"I needed an honest opinion about a car that was giving me headaches . A friend recommended Todd at Clean Auto so I asked him to look it over. He did and saved me from having a ton of bills. I've been bringing my cars to him for repairs and maintenance ever since." - Dennis E.

"The guys at Clean Auto Repair are the wizards of auto mechanics. They figured out the problem, explained what needed to be done and had me on my way in no time." - Elaine S.

Air conditioning & Electrical Repair

"I doubt working on my 2011 Mercedes E350 is simple. Regardless, Todd at Clean Auto Repair fixed my car for half the price Jackie Cooper wanted." -Steve T.

Computer Diagnostics

Engine & Transmission Services